Badges & Awards



Each Scout can achieve so much from scouting, they learn how to have fun, friendship and take pride in themselves. We reward the interests and actvities they learn from inside and outside of Scouts, this is done through a series of badges and awards.


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The badges and awards are divided into 5 main Categories:

 Core Badges
 Activity Badges
 Staged Activity Badges
 Partnership Award
 Challenge Award


Each category has a number badges or awards within it. The Scout Leaders will help you to gain the core badges, Partnership and Challenge Awards through a balanced programme, but not so much the activity badges or staged activity badges as these are done in the Scouts own time, but we will provide guidance were necessary.


Core Badges

Scouts Core


There are 3 badges in this category;

  • Membership badge
  • Moving on award
  • Participation badge



 Staged Activity badgesStaged Badge 

There are 6 badges with 5 stages to each, except nights away which has 11 stages and hikes away has 6 stages;

  • Emergency Aid
  • Hikes Away
  • Information Technology
  • Musician
  • Nights Away
  • Swimmer


Partnership Award



There are 3 awards in this category;

  • Environmental Partnership Award
  • Faith Partnership Award
  • International Partnership Award


Challenge Awards

Scouts Challenge

There are 10 awards in this category;

  • Promise Challenge
  • Community Challenge
  • Fitness Challenge
  • Creative Challenge
  • Global Challenge
  • Outdoor Challenge
  • Outdoor Plus Challenge
  • Adventure Challenge
  • Expedition Challenge
  • Chief Scouts Gold Award



Activity badges

There are 73 badges in this category;

To see were all the badges go on a scout uniform click here